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Pure CBD Tincture

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FizzAway CBD Relief!

FizzAway is our  Premiere Savvy Wellness plan for your Daily Dose of 25mg CBD.  This 30-Tablet Pack is in a ‘fizzing’ pill form.  Convenient –  take your CBD with your favorite drink – water, coffee, juice, anything.   Anytime – Keep the Travel Pack whereevery you go!

FizzAway CBD  is our convenient anytime Premiere Savvy Wellness plan for ingesting your Daily Dose of 25mg CBD.  In this 30-Tablet Pack, you have an entire month of Wellness.  FizzAway is in a ‘fizzing’ pill form.  Convenient –  take your CBD with your favorite drink – water, coffee, juice, anything.   Anytime – because inside the FizzAway box is an aluminum coated pack which keeps your CBD fresh and safe until needed.  No carrying a bottle of CBD!  Mix it with a cool or hot refreshing drink of your choice so you are improving your Wellness with every drink!

Premiere High-Quality CBD Tinctures in Broad Spectrum features CBD for your optimum Daily Dose.  Broad Spectrum combines a wider range of CBD elements, which produces the “Entourage Effect”.  All organic CBD elements work hand-in-hand to optimize your Wellness of your Endocannabinoid system.

Our Premiere CBD Oil from Organic Industrial Hemp produced on American Farms is mixed with Vegan MCT Oil. 

Sublingual Tinctures

Our Premiere CBD Tinctures from Organic Industrial Hemp oil produced on American Farms is mixed with Vegan MCT Oil.  This High-Quality tincture provides a Daily Dose of CBD Oil for the Wellness benefits in the most Savvy manner.  

Delicious Relief!

Savvy Shooters!  Our Savvy Shooter is an ultra convenient 25mg CBD daily dose in an easy transportable and stored 2.5 fl oz mini-bottle.   Nano-Powered!   Become Savvy about your Wellness with our convenient four-pack for your Active Life.  

Savvy CBD Drinks are the easiest way to take your CBD.  Whether our nifty handheld Savvy Shooter in its 2.5 (fl. oz.) bottle which is Nano-Powered or our CBD powered coffee which adds a morning Wellness boost to one of America’s favorite beverages, you have the options of Convenience and Flavor for your Active Life.  Get Savvy and Create your own Wellness!

Savvy Pets CBD is meant for the furry friends who contribute so much to our own healthy well-being.  Having a pet has been proven to offer care, consolation and cuddling – which give us a sense of well-being and kinship. 

Repaying this unconditional love from dogs, cats and other critters means our Premiere 300 mg Organic CBD Tincture.   This tincture is made from Organic Industrial Hemp, grown on an American Farm, and also Triple Tested to assure the highest consistent quality for your pet.    Your pet has given you so much – so give back a little to them with better and Savvy Wellness. 

Amazing Pet Relief!

Pet CBD Relief!

Savvy Pets CBD helps our furry friends who are with us every day.  This Premiere 300 mg Organic CBD Tincture is made for their Wellness and Well-Being.  Let’s give a Hearty Woof for these Loving Pets. 


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